About Us

Our patients come to us for a multitude of reasons:

  • We provide stem cell therapy along with several modalities to resolve health issues from multiple angles to obtain the greatest success. This is not offered at other stem cell clinics.
  • Persistent care given until results are obtained, we don’t give up
  • Offer safe and effective treatments to patients who have no other options or wish to avoid invasive, expensive, or potentially risky surgeries/treatments
  • Professional, genuine, accommodating staff who continue to be motivated by the satisfaction of seeing the results of better lives obtained by our patients.

Mission: To consistently go above and beyond for our patients. To do what we say we are going to do, including whatever is required to help our patients regain what they have lost. To enable our patients to return to the activities they were capable of in the past. To help those who have otherwise been unable to obtain satisfactory results.

Vision: To be the most trusted and forward-thinking stem cell clinic in the U.S. To continuously grow and improve. To consistently be on the cutting edge through ongo