Condition Specific Information At Your Convenience

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Here at Optimal Health Stem Cell and Wellness Institute, one of the features of our services is education.

We are happy to provide education on conditions, therapies that may be useful, and procedures described by a physician.  Dr. Michael Johnson has spent 35 years in regenerative medicine, in doing so he has made it his passion to help others heal and get back to doing the things they love.  He feels there are natural ways to improve ones’ health and get back to feeling great.

His patients have flocked to him from all over the US and also the world. There is a reason he is a leader in this industry.

Watch and Learn

In addition to one on one consultations, Optimal Health Stem Cell and Wellness Institute has a large library of videos.

These videos are aimed to be condition specific.

You can now go to the website, and find a video explaining more about your condition, what is occurring and what the current recommendations are.  These videos are helping people every day, realizing that they have options as opposed to only medication and/or surgery.


To learn more and to view the videos, please click here.

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