Kelly S.

Dr johnson and he’s staff really has help me I have a lesion in my spine since I been going to Dr johnson in Feb I have not been on steroids to walk Dr johnson and the staff are very careing people that want me to get better I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me I will have my next stem cell injection come up soon for the spine injection I can’t wait to see what this injection is going to do to make me walk better again thank you so much for careing about me and for making me better love and hugs to Dr johnson and the staff your favorite red head patient

Laura L.

I have finally found a doctor who understands autoimmune issues and how to treat the body as a whole unit and not just with prescription meds. I’m loving my experience here.

Julie R.

Dr Johnson is a Godsend!! I have been battling lupus for 16 years with the past three really kicking my butt!! I have never been treated with so much dignity and respect as I have at this clinic! Absolutely amazing .

Aubry T.

Dr. Johnson has always been on the cutting edge of new therapies. We are just at the tip of the iceberg as to what stem cell therapies can help. As this new area of therapy grows, I have no doubt that Dr. Johnson will lead the charge and surround his clinic with the top healthcare professionals to administer these great therapies. A true champion of 21 first century functional healthcare!

Tony F.

Stem cell therapy works. Professional athletes wouldn’t use it and sing its praises if it didn’t. Just ask Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal, Bartolo Colon, Pau Gasol and Chris Johnson. These are some of the best in the world in each of their sports. You can look up Kobe Bryant and Stem cell. He traveled to Germany to get this treatment before it was even done in the U.S. It flat out works!

Tony A.

I’ve known Dr. Johnson for 6 years and he doesn’t lead you wrong. He loves helping his patients and will go above and beyond with the most cutting edge tools to help relieve patients of their pain and suffering. He doesn’t promote services without trying them first to make sure they are sound and successful.

Jami S.

Dr. Johnson is the real deal in every possible way. His drive to help others with chronic health conditions who haven’t or can’t find help anywhere else, is truly inspiring…I really respect him…

Brock S.

I have known Dr Johnson for almost 5 years and have been very impressed with his integrity and concern for his patients. I am not personally familiar with stem cell therapy, but from what I have read, it is often the last hope for many people.

David K.

Optimal Health Stem Cell goes above and beyond to help every patient that comes through their doors and will do whatever it takes to get people better. They also offer the most affordable Stem Cell options in the entire Fox Valley, Green Bay, or Milwaukee and include rehab with their treatments to insure you actually get better long-term and stay better. The BEST!